Ashmore Palms’ Exotic Bird Collection

Ashmore Palms Holiday Village
Ashmore Palms Holiday Village

Ashmore Palms is home to Australia’s largest private collection of South American Macaw Parrots, a popular focal point of the Village. The Village’s stunning Macaws include the Scarlet, Green-Winged, Blue and Gold, Miligold, Buffons, Hanhns, Hyacinth, Military and Red-Fronted varieties in addition to one rare Lutino Macaw.

During your stay at Ashmore Palms, take a stroll through the tropical lagoon area and along the walkways that meander along the manmade rainforest walkway, where you’ll find aviaries housing these colourful Macaws. With a healthy diet and good care, these amazing parrots can have a life span of up to 100 years!

There’s also aviaries housing Australian Native birds and other parrots at Ashmore Palms. The birds have a special diet which consists mostly of fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables, prepared daily by Ashmore Palms’ dedicated Bird Team.

Lutino Macaw Parrot

The newest addition to Ashmore Palms’ Macaw collection is the Lutino Macaw named Zeus. Lutino is a term used to describe birds that exhibit a yellow pigmentation known as xanthochromism.

Birds exhibiting genetic xanthochromism, especially deliberately bred mutations of several species of parrot in aviculture, are termed “Lutinos”. Our Lutino is of the Blue and Gold Macaw species. These are extremely rare, particularly in Australia.

Instead of having a black beak, claws and facial features, and the usual vibrant blue and gold feathers of a standard Blue and Gold Macaw, the Lutino has bright yellow-orange feathers and white features – including a white beak, tongue, legs and claws. It’s eyes are a pinkish grey instead of black.

Ensure to say hello to Zeus and the other exotic parrots during your Gold Coast holiday at Ashmore Palms!

Ashmore Palms Holiday Village
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